Karmalife Coaching Program


Step 1 

Personal consultation to make a plan of attack with goal setting. ($99 for a one hour consultation)

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Step 2

Start to Track (communicate and learn) clients current eating and training habits/lifestyle with measurements, photos and food/training log sheets.




Step 3

DNA lab test & results analysis (this process can take 2 to 4 weeks to complete in our lab) ranging from $299 to $999 depending on what DNA lab test kit you would like. There is also a $25 shipping fee for DNA testing kits.

We also offer a one hour Phone appointment for $149 to review any DNA report questions you have. Note: this is not a personal program. This is strictly to help you understand your DNA results. 

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Step 4

Carmen and Matt will study your DNA reports and design diet/supplements/vitamins/fitness and lifestyle programs based on your goals/time-frame and DNA reports ($599 for DNA matched diet program, $299 DNA matched fitness/cardio program, $149 for DNA match supplements/vitamins program.)


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Step 5

Carmen and Matt will coach you monthly with weekly log sheets, photos and charted measurements. Communication will be on a WhatsApp group with both Carmen and Matt. This includes: goal changes, food changes, fitness changes, coaching / mentorship on a daily basis not just weekly. ($249 per month with a minimum of a 6 month commitment.) 

(Personal training and posing classes are $80 per session when bought in package of 20 or 100 each)

Prices do not include gst.

Prices are subject to change. 

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