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    Karmalife CTV News Segment

    A little about Carmen’s story....
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    Workout Supplements: The Basics

    Walking into a nutritional store and seeing all the supplements can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie to strength training. If you’ve just begun with weightlifting, it’s critical to know which supplement you need and how much to spend. You also need to know which particular products you need specifically for your DNA ...
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    Can Caffeine and Exercise Change Your DNA in the Same Way?

    It has long been understood that your DNA is unchangeable but recently, researchers have discovered that exercise and caffeine consumption can affect, and even alter DNA. It has been shown that caffeine craving is in one’s genes. Some people can skip morning coffee, others need a couple of cups just to get out the door....
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    How do hormones affect our Weight Loss?

    Can you relate to any of the following? I follow all the rules, but I still can’t lose the weight. I’m just getting old and my metabolism is slow. It’s genetic. There’s nothing I can do. Maybe I need to accept that I’m fat, and give up my skinny clothes. Nutrition strategies that work for...
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    Can a Healthy Lifestyle reverse the ageing process?

    A healthy lifestyle may do more than simply slow the ageing process. It could actually reverse it. Keeping physically fit, having a plant-based diet and practising stress-reduction techniques such as yoga could extend the lifespan of cells, researchers say. They studied the effect of healthy living on lengths of DNA called telomeres – tiny &#...
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    6 Ways A DNA Test Can Help You Optimize Your Diet

    We’ve been taught that our genes are our destiny. Well, not entirely. The study of epigenetics shows us that there are a variety of factors that can influence whether a particular gene can present as an issue in our body. Diet, toxicity, digestive health, or a significant trauma or life event can all play a...
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    5 Ways Your Food Can Bring Out the Best in Your Genes

    Most of us believe that age related diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, stroke, cancer, etc are the inevitable consequences of aging, but we are now finding out that this is not necessarily true. We actually have a lot more control over how we age than you might think. Healthy...
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    DNA Analysis – The Future of Nutritional and Fitness Advice

    We all know someone who eats junk food, smokes and drinks as much as they like and yet they seem to escape the expected decline in health or increase in weight that should go hand in hand with their lifestyles. Although most will see consequences after middle age, the point is their resistance seems much...
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    Does Exercise Alter Our DNA?

    This is an interesting question and to answer it we need first to determine what the word “alter” means in this context. We start our life as a single cell, zygote, which divides hundreds of times in order to produce the embryo. When we are born, our cells keep on dividing to produce a fully...
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    Conquering the Body and the Mind

    Winning first place in the Canadian Body Building Federation national championship in Edmonton was the culmination of decades of hard work for a Devon woman. For 33-year-old Carmen Tocheniuk, who was born and raised in Whitecourt, it was an achievement that almost never happened. In the past few years, Tocheniuk has won three Canadian titles...