KarmaLife DNA Testing

By understanding our genetic profile, we can make smarter lifestyle choices to live a healthier life. The earlier we know about our genetic makeup, the easier it is to plan a focused diet and fitness program that is customized for our unique body. Our tests target a number of genetic variations scientifically proven to impact health. We provide you with insight into your unique genetic code, which will help you learn more about how your body responds to certain diets and exercises and take action to optimize your health.

Why We Are Different

Our DNA Experience

Our lab has been providing DNA testing for health, diet and fitness since 2008.

Our DNA Lab

Our highly experienced Canadian lab where an expert team personally processes your DNA.

Our DNA Testing Service

We are dedicated to service, providing easy to understand results, with a professional team ready to provide you with personalized programs for your DNA.

KarmaFit Personal Training

National Bodybuilding competitor Carmen Tocheniuk can help you reach your health and fitness goals through custom exercise training programs and coaching. With her experience she can help guide you to your ultimate potential or just help you get into shape and lose weight.

  • custom exercise training programs and coaching
  • personal training is done on a one to one basis
  • access to the private KarmaLife fitness centre
  • lifestyle program design and coaching
  • combine with DNA testing to achieve maximum results
  • purchase training sessions and book at your convenience

KarmaLean Diet & Nutrition

We can help you reach your health and fitness goals through custom diet plans and meal preparation. Every KarmaLean meal gives you fresh healthy food - custom fit to your needs - with an average price of $3-$8 and the convenience of fast food.

Meals can be made fresh daily, or prepared for up to a week in advance - ready for pickup or delivery. Meal planning consultations and dieting advice are also available to optimize your results. We use the latest in DNA technology from KarmaLife DNA testing to asses the best meal plan for your genotype.

  • daily fresh meals or prepared up to a week in advance
  • prices from $3 to $8 per meal
  • meal planning and consultations available
  • deiting advice and lifestyle programs
  • combine with DNA Testing for maximum results