Complete DNA Lab Test Kit



The Complete DNA Lab Test includes all 7 of the following DNA tests:

Diet + Fitness + Detoxification + Hormones + Inflammation + Mental Wellness + Methyaltion


Diet + Nutrition

Personalized nutritional assessments that may provide you optimal health or weight loss results, including your metabolism of fats and carbs (and potential suitability to specific weight loss diets), your insulin and cholesterol regulation and your sensitivity to lactose, caffeine, and sweet and bitter tasting products.

Fitness + Injury Prevention

Personalized genotype-specific fitness profiles, such as your suitability to sprint, power and endurance sports, aerobic activities, heart rate and blood flow regulation, lung capacity, ligament and tendon strength, muscle fatigue, muscle repair and muscle recovery, and even your overall tendency to participate in and adhere to a fitness program, to assess the need for variety and motivation.

Health + Supplements

Personalized micronutrient profiles that show how your genotype may metabolize specific nutrients, contribute to vitamin deficiencies, regulate blood pressure, inflammatory and immune system responses, and antioxidant detoxification of toxins, all of which may impact your risk for many diseases.


Pricing: $299 each or $999 for the entire package. Saving you $1,100!


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