KarmaLife DNA Fitness System



Is a 16 week total health and fitness system designed to get results fitness system is effective on its own but you can jumpstart your progress with the use of our patented DNA testing technology you will receive your personal DNA profile which allows you to unlock your genetic code this means that you can map the fastest and most efficient route to your health and fitness goals.

Include assessments, goalsetting, nutritional planning, tech tips, reevaluation, accountability, progression, maintenance, life skills, and a customized fitness program. Getting your DNA tested with us is optional however we highly recommend it as it’s your personal key to understand what is best suited for you.


We respect you and what you experience. we will provide you with the best possible tools to ensure your success and teach you how to use them we will assist you in creating a map for your journey but we will not take away your personal responsibility are missing it, Karmalife is to provide you with knowledge and the ability to be the best you possible


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