• Simply swab the inside of your cheek, and post your DNA sample to the lab for processing.


  • Receive your personalized SkinDNA™ report and uncover what your DNA reveals about your skin.


  • Start using scientifically selected skincare ingredient recommendations based on your SkinDNA™ results.

Keeping the skin firm, plump, and wrinkle-free, Collagen is the principal structural protein of the skin. Our genetic predispositions play a big role in determining both the speed of collagen production and breakdown.

Sandwiched between the epidermis and hypodermis lies the skin’s lifeblood area, the dermis. The dermis contains blood vessels that nourish the skin, and structural proteins like collagen that keep the skin firm, plump, and wrinkle-free. As we age our bodies struggle to replenish stores of collagen, and some people are genetically primed to break down collagen faster than others.

It is well established that collagen is an important element of human skin; in fact, it is the principal structural protein holding the skin together. Representing 75% of the skin’s dry weight, it keeps the skin firm, plump and wrinkle-free. The quantity and quality of the collagen plays a major role in the skin’s appearance.

Like many components of the body, collagen undergoes continuous turnover; new collagen is continually produced and recycled throughout life. At a younger age, the synthesis of collagen predominates, whereas after about the age of 40, the degradation of Collagen picks up speed. This degradation process is precipitated by a protein called Matrix Metallopeptidase-1 (MMPs) or collagenase.


In healthy, youthful skin, the synthesis and degradation of Collagen is in balance: damaged or redundant Collagen is degraded while the deficit is replenished by the ongoing synthesis.

Unfortunately, this intricate balance gets disrupted when there is an oversupply of MMP1: too little of the matrix is synthesized and too much is degraded. The more this occurs the more wrinkles, roughness, and sagginess one tends to have. MMP levels are known to increase with age as a result of photo aging as well as natural aging.

The genes in this category are involved in slowing the breakdown and degradation of Collagen Fibers found in the extracellular matrix of human tissue. Key variations tested in this category can identify if the synthesis and degradation process of Collagen is in balance, or if the degradation predominates (increased MMP levels) that can result in the appearance of premature wrinkling, loss of youthful looks and other aging skin traits.



Your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalized guide to provide you with a unique regime tailored specifically to you.

This allows you to advance beyond the ‘one-size-fits-all’ suggestions – using the right skincare ingredients targeted to your own genetic blueprint.

We know that not every skincare product is going to suit everyone no matter how much the cosmetic industry tells you. And this is why there are SO many brands out there and literally thousands of different products.

Let SkinDNA ™ take the guesswork out of skincare, instead of using science to identify the most suitable skincare ingredients – based on your DNA.



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