It has long been understood that your DNA is unchangeable but recently, researchers have discovered that exercise and caffeine consumption can affect, and even alter DNA.

It has been shown that caffeine craving is in one’s genes. Some people can skip morning coffee, others need a couple of cups just to get out the door. In a study in PLoS Genetics, researchers found that there is a connection to caffeine metabolism and genetics. It was already well known how caffeine affects sleep, energy levels, and mental concentration. This study, however, showed how different groups, based on their DNA, were affected by caffeine in different ways – some more susceptible to its effects than others. This is, in and of itself, not news, but the fact that there may be a genetic component is. The body metabolizes substances differently among individuals and caffeine metabolism is no different. Some people metabolize it quickly and crave it and can safely consume several cups daily, yet others cannot tolerate much(if any) caffeine, nor do they seem to want it.

Further studies have shown that any type of physical activity can be enhanced by caffeine and improve health. Coffee contains antioxidants which rid the body of free radicals, known to increase aging and cell death. Studies suggest caffeine can enhance stamina while having a similar effect on muscles as physical activity.

So it all boils down to one fact: If caffeine is not recommended for your friend it does not mean that it is harmful to you too. One size does not fit all! Similarly, one diet or one ‘Recommended Diet’ does not fit all either. That’s why trying different diets and exercise plans, including getting a DNA profile is key for a better workout plan.

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