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“Find out your genetic advantages in diet, supplementation, training and health.”

DNA is our body’s own biological roadmap.  The better you understand your DNA, the better you understand yourself.  Your DNA profile can help you stay one step ahead of your health and plan for the future.


Step 1 – Personal Consultation to create a plan with goal setting

Step 2 – Start to Track (communicate and learn) clients current eating and training habits/lifestyle with measurements, photos and food training log sheets

Step 3 – DNA lab test and results analysis (this process can take 2 to 4 weeks to complete in our lab) ranging from $299 to $699 

Step 4 – Carmen will study your DNA reports and design diet/supplements/fitness and lifestyle programs

Step 5 – Carmen will coach you monthly with weekly log sheets, photos and charted measurements. Communication will be on What’s App group

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