DNA Sampling Instructions

dna sampling guidelines

The cheek swab included in this kit is ideal for the painless collection of cells present on the inner cheek surfaces of adults and children.

instructions for sample collection

  • Always collect the sample on the day you intend to ship it.
  • Do not ship your swab on Fridays or statutory holidays, as this will delay delivery and may result in inconclusive results and the need for sample recollection.
  • Abstain from drinking coffee or tea for at least 30 minutes prior to sample collection. Consumption fo coffee or tea within this timeframe will reduce the quality of your sample.
  • Immediately before sample collection, rinse your mouth with water.
  •  Open your sterile flocked swab by twisting the pink cap to break the seal. Remove the swab from its outer tube and roll the tip of the swab firmly on the inside of each cheek 5-10 times. The goal is to ‘scrub’ cells from the inner lining of your mouth using the swab.

  • At the end of the sample collection promptly return the swab into the holder, being careful to avoid contamination.
  • Re-seal the swab by affixing the included security label around the original seal.
  • Using the included permanent marker, label the sample tube with your first and last name and email address.
  • Return of your sample in the return bubble envelop. if for some reason the return of your sample is delayed, place the swab in your refrigerator – not your freezer – until it can be mailed.
  • DNA tests samples can be mailed worldwide to our lab.

Important note:
All samples collected from children should be performed or supervised by an adult. If the child is nursing, wait 15-20 minutes after feeding before collecting a sample.

mail order dna test process

1 – Global DNA testing

2 – Order on line or call in an order (Choose DNA test. Receive in mail)

3 – Send us your sample (cheek swab, mail back in prepaid envelope)

4 – Receive your results in your email (2 to 4 weeks to process/sequence your DNA sample)

5 – Set up and appointment on the phone or in person with DNA coaches Matt and or Carmen to review your results and get started on a coaching plan to get maximum results

6 – DNA tests samples can be mailed worldwide to our lab.

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