I am extremely grateful for my girlfriend Jennifer for introducing me to Carmen…..my new secret weapon that I’m willing to share.

Karmalife has offered me the solution I was searching for! Besides having the privilege to train along side such a beautiful, successful woman, Carmen has become more than that to me. Her dedication, vast knowledge, past experiences, patience and positive encouragement are priceless.

Karmalife’s Food program is the healthy alternative I was searching for. It’s specific to my body’s needs and is effortless way for me to stay on track to reach my health goals with my hectic schedule. It takes away the time shopping, prepping, cooking, portioning etc….

Karmalife also answered many of my health questions my own Doctors failed to tell me through regular bloodwork. Carmen’s suggestion for the DNA testing was the best thing I could do for myself. I was extremely impressed with the length of detail the DNA test offered me.

It’s an essential learning tool for a Long,Healthy, Strong Life!!

Tenille Kowalchuk

Testing DNA is something I never really considered getting involved within my everyday life, mostly because I never really knew it existed. I am always looking for ways to stay healthier, as I value healthy living enormously in my every-day life. DNA testing is another great way to get involved.

Most of the results I received I was already expecting, but there were a few areas which surprised me, including protein and fat absorption. Even though I may not be feeling the effects of my mutated protein absorption genes, I can now use this information for the future. If my health ever begins to decrease in quality, I will now have some background information on potential reasons why I am feeling the way I am.

I think it is a great resource of information to have in my back pocket for my future!

Chris Gordeyko

It has been my great pleasure to work with Carmen on a variety of projects over the past several years.

Having produced over 300 million servings in my past culinary endeavors, I can speak with some authority on her remarkable accomplishments.

Whether on stage competing, in the test kitchens developing or in the lab researching; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the future will reveal Carmen as a key player in the health and wellness industry.

Put her to the test I guarantee you’ll agree, that Carmen has the DNA of a champion.

Bryan Yaakov

I wanted to get more out of my workouts and change things up. With the dnaPower testing that Carmen did for me, we were able to come up with a health and fitness plan that would be the most effective for my body. What a difference. It’s like having the blueprints to your foundation and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. I am starting to notice more muscle and can push myself further with the plan she has provided me. I love that I can check in with her daily and be held accountable to reach my goals.

Daniele Vandenhouten

I am so pleased to know Carmen Tocheniuk both on a professional level and as a friend.

She is loyal, professional and very knowledgeable in what she does. I am grateful to have her as a fitness coach.

Thank you Carmen for all your time you put into my workout plans and for kicking my “butt” when we workout. I LOVE IT!

She is a true inspiration and role model to me and to others. THANK YOU for being you ?

Shelley Leblanc-Cormier

When I met Carmen Tocheniuk I was a very unhealthy person, over weight not eating nor doing any exercising of any sort… I reached out to Carmen and asked for help… She was right there beside me pushing me forward, on having a healthy lifestyle… Carmen has helped me with so much, with dieting, coaching and just living a healthy life! I am so happy to have you in my life! Thank you for all you do for me!!! You are amazing!!

Jennifer Neufeld

“Having dnaPower analyze my DNA was an eye opening experience. I really appreciated the way they broke down and explained how my body responds to various foods and types of exercise. They did an excellent job of providing me with the tools that I need to get the most out of my workouts, diet, and to feel the best I possibly can.

Carmen was incredibly knowledgeable and personable as she explained my results, and answered any questions that I had. I cannot recommend dnaPower enough as they have truly changed my life.”

Mike Gagnon

I met Carmen Tocheniuk recently, while working out. I offered her some advice on a particular apparatus she had been working. She laughed and graciously accepted my ham-fisted offering, never for one minute letting on that her encyclopedic volume of knowledge was vastly superior to that of my own.

Subsequent to our initial meeting, I have had the great good fortune to get to know Carmen a little better in her capacity as a member of the Alberta Body Building Association, as a business woman and as a fitness coach and nutritionist. Carmen is extraordinarily focused and extremely good at whatever endeavor she elects to pursue. As a body builder she is truly world class. As a business woman her drive to succeed is equal to or greater than her drive as a body builder. As a coach and nutritionist, her knowledge and the manner in which she imparts it is both motivating and empowering. As a person, Carmen is, in a word, “magic”. Carmen is one of those rare personalities that makes you want to excel not simply by what she says but more importantly by what she does.

With respect to the products that Carmen produces and/or endorses (although I have not tried all of them) they are of the same standard and quality that defines Carmen as a person. Simply put, she would not make or get behind a product that she did not truly believe in and which she did not believe would be 100% beneficial for a friend or client.

In summary, I can say with confidence that Carmen is one of those rare people whose attributes are defined not by the gifts she receives from others but by the gift she gives to all around her. With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Karmalife and wish Carmen the absolute best of luck (not that she’ll need it … she’s pretty adept at making her own).

Robert E. Smith