heathPower DNA Test Kit

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Your health is affected by important functions related to hormones, detoxification, inflammation and methylation. They can affect your mood, energy, cells and health. Your DNA test results provide a snapshot of how your body is predisposed to work in these areas. These are hidden areas that can affect your health and contribute to chronic disease. By learning your profile, you can take proactive steps to enhance your wellbeing.

The healthPower report covers 4 topics which can be greatly affected by our diet and lifestyle choices:

Learn about your body’s ability to rid itself of these environmental toxins and free radicals, both of which can be damaging to your tissues.
Understand how your body biosynthesizes, metabolizes and eliminates estrogens.
Learn how effectively your immune system fights inflammation, infection, and tumors.
Learn if you have genetic variations which can impact the methylation cycle for healthy cells, mood, toxins and infection.
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