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testimonial 3 August 3, 2018

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testimonial August 3, 2018

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Carmen Tocheniuk August 3, 2018

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Carolyn W.

This past summer I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me, I was moody, couldn’t concentrate, had a very short fuse, no libido and fighting with my husband constantly. I had no control over myself any longer and was starting to lose hope until I had a conversation with Matt.  After some questions he was able to tell me all of my symptoms and said not to worry he could help.  Within a few weeks, I started to feel like myself again.  It was such a relief, I didn’t realize how much chaos could be caused by a hormonal imbalance.  I got my life and marriage back on track thanks to Matt aka My Guru.

Carolyn W. December 19, 2017

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Jeff Wright

Huge shout out to Matt for helping me change my life! Matt has guided me in my training and dieting for many years, and my results have been great. The addition of having my DNA analyzed has taken me to the next level. It has enabled Matt to make adjustments to both my diet and training routine, maximizing the benefits of both. The difference has been substantial. I could not be happier. Matt definitely knows his stuff! Thanks again!!

Jeff Wright December 19, 2017

Kyle Edge

Transformation Tuesday! This one I can thank DNA Diva Carmen Tocheniuk and Matt Clary for! What a world of a difference from not knowing my body and what it needs, to testing my DNA through Carmen and learning what it needs from the inside out. From vitamins and supplements, to the exact nutrients from certain foods my body needs to grow lean and clean muscle! The best decision I could have done for my bodybuilding lifestyle was get my DNA tested with DNA Diva Carmen Tocheniuk! I highly recommend anyone that wants to get serious about your health or your body, whether it’s weight loss or understanding your body and what works for it, to get in touch with Carmen to get you DNA results!!!

Kyle Edge October 11, 2017

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Johnnie Hansen

I met Carmen at the bull pen gym I was talking with the owner of the gym about diet and saying that I just did not have time to eat in the morning. That is when she came into my life. I did not know it then but things were about to change for me, I called her up and we met up and started talking about what I wanted to get out of training and diet. I have always been over weight since I was 7 or 8. I have grown up most of my life by myself I have one sister she is another one of the greatest people I have ever known. When I meet Carmen I was at the end of the road. I was hitting the scales at 430lbs. It was hard to even want to get out of bed. I just wanted to stay home and see no one. But then Carmen would call me up and say lets train or just come over so we can talk and she could see how I was doing. I don’t think that she really knows just how much she has helped me. I hope that this will let her know what she has done for me. I am not much for words I say what I want to say and then it is like I was never there. She is like an angel. She has a spirit and presence about her that I just could not forget. My name is Johnnie Hansen and I just wanted to do this for Carmen because she has done so much for me. I hope you know just how much I love you and thank you for what you have done for me.

I called upon Karmalean to help me with my weight loss and training help. In doing so I meet Carmen. She has to be one of the nicest people I have ever come across. In the time that I have known Carmen, she has helped me grow so much and learn even more. The road that I am on has been a long one. It has had it’s ups and downs, I don’t know that I would even been here if it were not for Carmen. Carmen has this way about her that I was not use to. I hink if I had to sum it up the words I would use are loving, kind, carrying supportive, understanding, blunt. Myself I have always lived by the words respect. My word when I say something I do it. There are too many people out there that say something and not come through. Carmen is not one of them. She is a very busy person but she still makes time to text me or call me and see how I am doing. She has become a friend, kind of like family. I don’t have a very close family. She has made me smile when I just wanted to cry. She seems to always understand when I am talking to her. I wish that the world had more people like her. It would be a better place to be.

Johnnie Hansen September 11, 2017

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Jeremy Reay

Competed this past weekend in CAASA Alberta strongman/strongwoman provincials. Huge thanks, Carmen and Matt Cleary! You guys have brought me so far since the start of June!

Jeremy Reay August 28, 2017

Jill St. Laurent IFBBPRO

Carmen, one of the best things I did for myself in 2017 was to have my diet and fitness DNA profiles completed with yourself and Matt and, thereafter, work with you on diet, training and supplementation from December to May 2017. As you know, I have been dieting and training since I started competing in 2003. Since my retirement from the IFBB Pro stage in 2013, I had felt somewhat lost with respect to diet and training as all I had known the past several years was training either on-season or off-season with a view to my next competition. In my retirment, I developed some back habits like skipping meals, looking for excuses to skip the gym, not taking my supplements and then feeling crappy about myself. In 2014, I made the switch to a vegan lifestyle and with that, came even more challenges with food and knowing what to eat to ensure I was getting a good balance of protein, fats and carbs. Since working with you, I have made what I am calling a “come-back-to-health”!! I have a renewed drive and determination to stay healthy and fit!! The diet DNA profile helped you taylor a plan to ensure I was eating properly with my plant-based diet. The training DNA profile helped you guide me in my work-outs. With the combination of the two, I am training smarter and putting muscle back on where I had lost, while at the same time, loosing inches where I needed to. In addition, I truly believe my diet and training plans would not have been as successful without the supplement schedule you developed for me. Knowing what vitamins and minerals my body needs, and in what form, based on my DNA was eye opening. For example, knowing that my body needs to get vitamin B in a different form (methylated vs. non-methylated) was huge. You have me taking less than I was taking before with respect to volume of pills and I feel 100 times better! I have great energy, I feel stronger and healthier and all on a plant-based diet!!! You guys rock! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jill St. Laurent August 25, 2017

Dana Williams

I need to send out a HUGE thank you to Carmen Tocheniuk for taking time out of her busy business life to help me with my posing today and help me start to put together a routine.

As athletes we tend to spend most of our time and tons of money on our sport when it comes to coaching, suits, hours in the gym, flights to shows, tans, makeup, photo shoots, etc…but a lot of us tend to put our posing on the back burner and either wait till last minute, or simply just not practise enough. Posing can make or break you. When you are on stage where everyone looks their absolute best, what set you apart from them? I believe it is confidence and grace, and posing falls into that category! If you do not know how to properly pos yourself to where you look your absolute best, you will get over looked. So with that being said, make sure you practice all aspects of this sport! Do your best to stand out and get noticed.

Seeing Carmen today completely restored my confidence to go on stage. She was extremely pleasant, helpful and has an eye for what looks good. She has an amazing set up in her beautiful home for everything that a person needs. She also owns her own DNA testing company and meal prep service that she has put a lot of work into, making her a very successful business woman that I think very highly of! I had the honor of standing on stage with her last year, and now the opportunity to pose with her totally made my day!

So anyone looking for posing help, meal prep, or DNA testing, make sure to look her up, or check out her website

Dana Williams August 14, 2017

Lori Pomeranz

Since I have had my DNA tested and worked with Carmen and Matt with making changes to my diet and workouts I have felt great and seen some amazing results in a very short time. I have also had remarkable changes in my hormones which also includes noticeable changes in my moods, energy and sex drive. These two have incredible knowledge when it comes to DNA and the science behind this. They have also helped me use the proper supplements and when it is all combined with the proper diet and exercise you get amazing results. This journey was by no means easy but it was worth it and this is a lifestyle change for me not just another fad diet.



After 4 weeks with light weight workouts minimal cardio proper eating and vitamins based on her dna profile and our nutrition experience. Doing a hormone balance was a big reason for her fast results.

Lori Pomeranz July 31, 2017

Dustin Cosman

DNA Testing News Release!

I am very happy and excited to make this announcement. First off I would like to thank these two amazing people here. Reason being is they allowed me to feel my best and keep my body as healthy as can be on my last prep for nationals. This was made possible by applying their DNA testing programs to my nutrition, training and everyday life. If you’re unaware on who they are let me introduce them. The lovely lady is an IFBB Pro Carmen T who is also an owner of the DNA testing company. The gentleman alongside us is Matt Clary. He is the one responsible for the majority of the studying on my DNA. Together they allowed me to make this prep by far the best and healthiest prep to date.

Just a little insight on my decision to do this 2017 national show. 4 months ago I was dead set against doing this show because of my busy schedule, work number of clients both fat loss and contest prep. When I met with Carmen and Matt a few months ago they mentioned how Carmen now runs multiple businesses and feels fine doing 4,5 even 6 shows a year. They assured me I could prep for nationals and run my company at my best if I apply the DNA testing to my body.

Folks I’ll be completely honest with you all, as Carmen assured me I would feel my best, just like anything new I was a little skeptical. I made her an agreement and said to her “ill start using the DNA testing and see how it goes. If I feel great in a few weeks then I’ll consider doing the show”. Sure enough at 7 weeks out of Nationals just as she said I was feeling better than ever. I made the call to go ahead and do the show. Using the DNA testing I was able to eat by far the most amount of food I’ve ever eaten on a prep, I did the least amount of cardio, I looked big, I was full and I was lean as you can see in my pics. I’ve blown away with the difference I’ve felt and looked on this program. I’ve already signed up for another full year to take me right into Nationals 2018 with the DNA testing.

I need to mention this is not just a contest prep application program. The DNA test can help people in a lot of different ways. One important one to myself I feel is for females with metabolic issues and hormonal issues. I feel this is a huge growing concern with females and I have a heavy heart for any females that suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Full Force Fitness will be teaming up with Carmen, Matt and the DNA testing programs to make a movement towards educating any individual who wishes to live a healthier life long term whether it be someone heavily involved with fitness lifestyle or even a person that wants to live a relaxed life and feel their best day to day. I strongly suggest you contact myself, Carmen or Matt to learn more about how the DNA program can help you. This is just the begging on our movement into health and wellness on a much more advanced level than what has been around to this day. Carmen and Matt will be working directly with Full Force Fitness. We will be holding educational seminars in the Full Force Fitness Club for the general public. These will not be sales seminars but solely to help educate everyone on what the DNA testing along with good life and fitness coach can do for you.

Full Force Fitness Club is the only fitness facility in the country to offer this advanced technology and service. I’ve said it many times before and will say it again, there is no other gym like this in Canada and this is only the begging. Throughout the month of July, you ‘ll be hearing more exciting news on the further growth in faculty. I encourage you to become part of our healthy fitness family today!

Thank you, Matt and Carmen, for reaching out to me on working together. It’s been a life changer!

Dustin Cosman July 29, 2017

Melissa Chapman

I can not express enough how truly grateful I am to be working with some pretty amazing coaches. I’m excited to see what the future holds knowing I have a strong support system behind me. You guys are truly more than just fitness coaches. I’ve learned more about myself as an individual because of your passion and drive to help people be the best version of themselves. Thank you for taking the time to really understand and help me see things from a different perspective. Not just in my fitness journey but as a young woman figuring out this thing called life.

Melissa July 5, 2017

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I’ve always had a very haphazard approach to nutrition and dieting. I would spend my energies and income attempting to try every type of diet around: intermittent fasting, bulletproof diet, ayurvedic, macrobiotic, vegan, low carb, juice fasting, contest prep, paleo, 80-10-10, etc etc. Through all of my trials I never really felt like I was in optimal condition. My progress would often plateau and would lead me to search yet another program that offered the promise of vitality and energy. About three months ago, a good friend of mine told me about a new system whereby one can get their DNA sequenced and essentially “biohack” themselves. I was on board right away. This approach seemed to be more logical than the trial and error type agony I had already put myself through. What I found fascinating was that the results would also give us an indication of how we recover and what we needed to address to maximize the potential of our physical selves. My friends and I all agreed to give it a go. All in all, I must say that this system is INSANE. I have seen wonderful changes in my physique and overall health. I am leaner, my skin is clearer, my energy is higher, my thoughts are more vibrant, and my sleep has improved.

Naomi June 13, 2017

Mike Hiemstra

I had a Great time with you and Matt today, must say mind blowing stuff I’m pretty excited about this. thank you for your time explaining my results it’s pretty cool to have this my own Manuel!! And the 3 hrs of extra time to explain it all!. This Woulda been nice to have known before I blew my tendon and some ligaments about my DNA It could have been prevented along with a bunch of things we can now combat and grow towards… cool stuff I have a completely different view now and a couple smart cookies in my corner.. Now that this is available every athlete it’s a must and even not athlete it’s your blueprint to long healthy life! – 🙂 feeling motivated

Mike Hiemstra May 30, 2017

Stefanie Seidel

My experience with Carmen and dnaPower has been quite life changing. Speaking with Carmen before the process began really addressed all of my questions and concerns with the DNA testing. Since taking the test, I feel like I have learned invaluable knowledge about my health. By knowing how to train and eat to suit my body, I have more energy, eat more yet weigh less, and generally feel better. I also compete on a national level for bodybuilding and this test allowed me to train with unbelievable advantages over other competitors.  I am confident that I am doing the most for my body to truly be the healthiest I can be. This is definitely the fittest I have been in my life and I am looking forward to the future. I know my health will be promising.

Stefanie Seidel May 22, 2017

Deb Stratton

After completing my first competition in February 2017 as my goal for my 50th birthday, I came to Carmen and Matt with new goals. I was interested in getting my DNA tested so they could help with getting my severe IBS functioning properly, bloating issues, building more muscle, and tightening.
I met with them to talk about my goals and to have a better understanding of how the DNA testing could help me reach them. After receiving my DNA results for all seven tests, Carmen and Matt reviewed them with me. During and after our meeting, I realized just how knowledgeable they both were about how inflammation contributes to IBS and how the body functions as a whole. They customized a meal plan, training plan, and vitamin/supplement plan based on my DNA.
Only after three days of starting on the vitamin/supplement and meal plan, my IBS started to function properly. For my training and meal program, they have increased my food to build more muscle and after a month I have seen fuller muscles and starting to make more muscle gain with keeping me lean and increasing my weight slowly.
I would highly recommend Carmen and Matt to anyone! I absolutely love their coaching approach. We communicate through WhatsApp and I have no hesitation to send a message at any time to ask questions. They answer messages quickly and explain the answer so I can learn from it. I report my food and training daily and they aren’t afraid to make changes to keep improving my IBS and training progress. With being fully committed to their programs, they can make the results happen! They are amazing one-on-one coaches and I truly believe that knowing your DNA is what makes the difference in reaching your goals much easier!!

Deb Stratton May 19, 2017

Sandie Babuin

I have always been an active person participating in a variety of sports. It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. After many off-season training diets and getting nowhere, I was frustrated but determined to somehow reach my goals. I soon learned all about dnaPower testing. Was I skeptical? Of course, but after many failed diets I thought, “What could this possibly hurt.” So I took the test and after 4 solid months of dnaPower dieting my weight has stabilized while my muscle mass continues to grow. I saw results in as little as 4 weeks. I now understand my body a lot better and the genetic structure of it and I really don’t know how I ever trained without knowing my DNA.

Sandie Babuin April 16, 2017

Maria Taccone

My name is Maria Taccone and I’m a competitive powerlifter out of the Canadian Powerlifting Union. I have been powerlifting for two years now and contacted Carmen to help take my strength and body composition up a notch for international competitive status.

At the end of last year, I approached Carmen through a referral from a mutual friend in the bodybuilding industry and was immediately intrigued on how her well backed dna-based diet could take my game to another level! I explained to my friend that the regular macro-based diet wasn’t giving me much progress and was at a plateau. She said that Carmen’s successful dna background and sports/trainer experience will help me get the best out of a non-cookie cutter diet!!

Carmen worked closely with me while we did the swab test and consulted with me on my goals both immediate and future.

Immediately following our results, we established my nutrition plan to which I followed exactly a couple of months ago. I instatly saw performance gains in all my big three lifts i.e squats, bench and deadlifts and even saw body composition changes while getting lean for my upcoming Canadian Nationals competition.

In two months, I lost 10 lbs going from 145 lbs to 135 lbs, and increased my overall National powerlifting total by 20kg (44lbs). I finished 5th in my very competitive weight class and received a personal best performance totalling 405kg while weighing my leanest at 62.2kg. I made 6 out of 9 lifts and realized how important a well-backed nutrition plan can positively affect both performance and physical appearance. Carmen and Matt also worked within the guidelines of strength Coach to get our weight goal on the dot!! My strength Coach wanted me at at 62.7kg and I ended at 62.2kg.

I’m also so impressed by how Carmen and Matt’s love for Coaching and true success, turns over into such amazing mentorship. I firmly value how their three-time Canadian bodybuilding champion experience and IFBB Pro mindset, transcends all sports and the mental game of top athletes. I now know how important nutrition is to all aspects of the human body. Mind, Body and Soul.

I feel so much healthier, stronger and ready to take the next level in my sport. What’s exciting is our offseason training coupled with offseason nutrition, to make even more gains to all my lifts at my leanest. I might even contemplate dropping another weight class since currently feeling incredibly lean and mean!!

I value so much their support from the whole Karmalife team and so happy I made the investment to proper nutrition!! Sometimes Powerlifters get a bad rap from being known for eating donuts and deadlifting lol.. on our team, we eat real food for real gains!!!

Thank you both Carmen and Matt for everything you’ve done for as actions speak louder then words!! I achieved a personal best this year on our National stage with way more wiggle room for lots to come!!!

Sincerely yours,


Maria Taccone March 27, 2017

Daniele Vandenhouten

I wanted to get more out of my workouts and change things up. With the dnaPower testing that Carmen did for me, we were able to come up with a health and fitness plan that would be the most effective for my body. What a difference. It’s like having the blueprints to your foundation and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. I am starting to notice more muscle and can push myself further with the plan she has provided me. I love that I can check in with her daily and be held accountable to reach my goals.

Daniele Vandenhouten March 18, 2017

Shelley Leblanc

In 2013 I broke my hip and lost a lot of confidence; being unable to play hockey or train for 8 months felt like a huge setback. Shortly after my hip had healed I met Carmen. She started to train me, and I was put on a diet plan. I was worried about being behind in hockey. After training with Carmen for the summer I started getting stronger and gained a lot of confidence back. The first year back into hockey I was playing on the first line and I was third in scoring. I had my dna tested with her company and she built me a personal training and diet program based on my individual dna. This was a game changer for me. I learned about what I respond best to. I also understood my body better and trusted that I was on the right program. I started with Carmen when I was 14 years old and I am currently 16 years old playing in the JWHL for OHA. Carmen taught me, always focus on your goals, through hard work and dedication you will find success.

Shelby Walters March 7, 2017

Michael Moss

I approached Karma life about DNA testing after hearing some feedback through other friends that have had the testing done. I was a little skeptical as to how this could really work and potentially change the outcome of my life and health. Carmen Tocheniuk of Karma Life took the time to sit down with me and find out my goals for my lifestyle and explain why and how DNA testing could change my life. After getting my test results back the results where truly life altering as she had said they would be. My energy is as if I was young again, I am in better shape and more healthy than I have ever been just by tweaking things that my body needed or didn’t need. The overall experience was amazing and I would recommend Karma Life to anyone who wants to live a longer, healthier and full of energy life!!

Michael Moss February 28, 2017

Jamie Postill

I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for over 15 years, being a personal trainer, nutritionist and professional athlete. During that time, I’ve learned a lot…what works, what doesn’t and what might. After having my DNA tested, many things that I instinctively knew were confirmed. It was an eye opener for sure! If I had known 10 years ago what I know now, things would likely be different and I may have not had to go through some of the health struggles I’ve had. If you have the opportunity to have your DNA tested, I strongly recommend it….the information about your health is invaluable and can be life saving! Being able to apply some of the information I was shown through my DNA testing has taught me to put a new value on my health and take better care of myself…know I have more insight into what will actually work for me and my clients!

Jamie Postill February 28, 2017

Suzanne Weir

Over the last year our family went through some major changes. My 10 year old son has been very self conscious of his build for most of his life, has been made fun of and called some horrible names. The beginning of summer 2016, he broke his arm which made it hard to be as active as he normally is. Had a cast on all summer and after 9 weeks it was taken off and he was told to be careful as it was still healing. Due to the cast he missed most of his fourth year of football season, he did participate in what he could do in all the practices but could not participate in any contact drills or games. We finally got cleared for him to play, however he still had the mental block and fear of another injury. Second game that he played he suffered a concussion pretty much taking him out for another big chunk of the season. He was so disheartened and frustrated and scared. I decided that it was time to do something to help, we needed something to change for him. I asked him if he would like to start working out and eating healthy. He was so excited and thankful! And So begins the journey…… I did not realize how hard it would be just to find someone that would help us. I called numerous places. Had appointments that were cancelled by trainers. How many people that turned us down because my son was just too young. Maybe I was asking too much? Finally Found someone that said they would help us, only to be cancelled on and after the first consultation and my son getting his hopes up a few weeks later we were told the trainers contract expired and he would not be able to take my son on after all. I was ready to give up. My son was disheartened. (It was a blessing in disguise as my son wasn’t a huge fan of the trainer anyway) And then I remembered a friend of mine used a trainer awhile ago….. i figured I would throw out one last Hail Mary and give Carmen a call. Carmen responded very quickly, and was willing to meet us, so we acted fast before she could change her mind. Instantly my son knew this was what he wanted. This was where and with who he wanted to train, his comfort level was instant, Carmen and Matt were willing to begin this journey with us and I was incredibly grateful. That first meeting with Carmen and Matt we did the DNA test, having the knowledge of what food, exercise and how his body responds to injuries and concussions would benefit him sounded like the best place to start to give him the maximum benefits and results. When the results came back we had so much more to work with in regards to the supplements his body needed and what his body didn’t need. It even showed that he was an emotional eater (no surprise) but it also made us more aware and helped guide him in the right direction when he did feel that need. Carmen and Matt have given my son the drive and inspiration to keep going, they show him proper and safe workout techniques, not only that but the mental fear of re-injury is also something that is being addressed. That is a huge hurdle that can cripple any athlete and something that needs to be conquered. Carmen is beside him every minute to answer any question, we work with her constantly to help better our knowledge on the right foods. Carmen has been so amazing with my son, showing and teaching and just connecting with him that I don’t think we could have found anywhere else. With both of them having sports background and Matt having similar as my son they have a lot to talk about and Matt has so much knowledge in bettering his stamina, speed and different drills that they don’t really teach them here that will make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. My son loves going to train with Carmen but as soon as he sees that Matt is there as well he lights right up and gets so much more excited for our session. I feel everything happens for a reason and what we went through to find someone was imperative as Carmen and Matt are the perfect fit for us and what we would like to achieve if we had been accepted by any other trainer we would not have the knowledge or the support that they give us to help us get where we want to be. Yes there are days where we aren’t perfect, days when we just don’t want to go to the gym, days where my son looks at the scale and gets frustrated, wants to quit, we are always told that it’s ok, and then we are guided in the right direction. Then there are the rest of the days…… “mom when do we get to go to Carmen’s? Is Matt going to be there?” “How old do I have to be to compete?” He is making the right food choices and not even complaining. Seeing his changes gives him the drive to keep going, to continue these changes in our lives. Carmen is also teaching him things that no other trainer would take the time to even explain to him because of his age. Treats him not like a little kid, but a human that is fully capable of learning just like anyone else. Her support and time is priceless to us. My sons confidence is being built up, not only his build has been changing but his whole mindset. I have had people come up to me and tell me how much he has changed, not just in his body but in his whole persona. I cannot even begin to share how thankful I am for the opportunity to work with Carmen and Matt to build a healthy lifestyle for my kids and myself. This journey has just begun, we will have our bumps I’m sure but with their help, knowledge and support it will be a forever learning and growing one for our whole family. Now that my son and I have been going together, my other kids at home have also asked to join us, something must be going right if my 17 year old and 9 year old want to make these changes with us as well. Now thanks to Carmen and Matt my whole houseful is making a lifetime healthy change, that they see and choose to do for themselves that we would never had gotten anywhere else.

Suzanne Weir January 20, 2017

Jill St. Laurent

I have always been focused on my health and fitness, however since obtaining the results of my DNA profile, I am more focused and determined than ever to make some significant changes in my lifestyle to promote and support my long-term health and wellness.

Jill St. Laurent - IFBB Professional Athlete January 19, 2017

Stanley Surmacz

I as a cold dude I’m getting back to my ways. Been steadily grinding away. Even though I am not fighting in December. Best believe I’m working. Big thanks to @CarmenTocheniuk and Matt Clary for building me a custom diet based on my DNA to fuel my body for the demands of training. Only going to improve. Never really dieted before just ate what I wanted. Now I’m starting to learn the importance of fueling the body and getting the right results. Get at them for your custom DNA based diet. Can’t wait to get back in the ring!

Stanley Surmacz January 18, 2017

Karen Adams

Testimonial for Carmen and Matt.

I was in need of losing 20 lbs in four months.

I tried to do it on my own at first, clean eating and exercising (walking and lifting weights). In one month I didn’t lose a pound!! The next thing I did was join weight watchers, they had great deal. In three weeks of following their plan, still no weight loss!! Ugh, total frustration. One of my friends said I NEED to go see Carman and Matt. She had amazing results because of them.

When I met the fantastic duo I was a little apprehensive. I mean a food coach and personal trainer. I thought I was going to be on a super restrictive ‘DIET’ and hard core training routine.

After I received my meal plan menu, I couldn’t believe I was supposed to eat five times a day!! And I couldn’t believe how much food I was supposed to eat, plus everything on my meal plan could be purchased at the local grocery store. And I say meal plan because it is just that. Planning your meals, following a diet plan. Not a ‘diet’.
The first few weeks were a little rough for me. Because of my job I found it difficult eating the amount of food I was supposed to. But Matt’s kind words of ‘Just eat what you can, when you can’ was reassuring to me. I eventually got on track and eating the amount of food became no problem.

Now Carmen’s training was great! I realized how out of shape I was. My program she designed was efficient for me. The moves weren’t difficult and it was easy for me to remember what I needed to do on my own. I met Carmen once a week and she knew if I was working out on my own or if I was slacking. She knew how to push me just when I needed it.
She isn’t one of toughs crazy trainers you hear about that push you in and out the door because they have someone else waiting and simply don’t care. She cares about your success.

You are in charge of your own success, the fantastic duo set you up for success and IF you don’t succeed. You just have a conversation with them and they get you back on track.

I did lose 30 lbs in three months, following their plan and instructions. I realize I love working out! And I love eating the food plan I was given. AND I like the way my body is looking.

I can’t say enough positive things about the two of them. They are a great team. And I’m happy they came into my life. And I recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Karen Adams November 24, 2016

Nicole Baumann

DNA testing has changed my life. I honestly can’t see my life ever going back to the way I was before. I was doing all these exercise class at the gym and being so sore for days after. Only to learn those types of classes are the worst thing I could do. Low reps and 25-30 min cardio is what works best for me.
I’ve lost 25 pounds and have more energy then I have ever in my life.
I am thankful for the DNA testing that I got done through Carmen Tocheniuk and KarmaLife. Carmen was able to match my health, nutritional, supplement and fitness program to my dna profile. I feel like I have finally gotten on a proper program for me….. not a cookie cutter program.

Nicole Baumann November 14, 2016

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Billie-Joe Hodder

I’ve recently had my DNA tested with regards to diet and nutrition. It confirmed many things that I’ve been experiencing over the years. I highly recommend it to anyone! If you’re interested, get in touch with Carmen… she’s very knowledgeable and good at what she does. Check out her website!

Billie-Joe Hodder October 19, 2016

Jeremy Starner

I have currently finished the first couple of chapters to earning my IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. Thank you so much Carmen Tocheniuk for being my coach and one of my best friends and encouraging me and giving me the opportunity of joining the fitness industry.

Jeremy Starner October 19, 2016

Michelle Emond

Carmen, thanks so much for your assistance with my DNA report last week. I can’t believe how every fiber of my being is traced through your tests. I haven’t stopped ranting about all the interesting facts by body holds, especially the specific training techniques that will take my body to the best physique possible and the foods my body needs in order to be at optimum health now and in the future.

All I can say is WOW…I am so grateful for your friendship and for your expertise in health and fitness.

Cheers to you Carmen Tocheniuk XO

Michelle Emond October 19, 2016

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AB Oilfield

I work out in the Alberta Oilfield. I work long hours (usually 12 hrs on the job and 80 mins travel time ) and by the time I get home from work it’s usually around 8 pm. At that point I have to cook/prepare my lunch for the next day, maybe get a half as meal in for a late dinner. Then I try I hit the gym 4-6 times a week for about an hour (give or take); throw in some laundry and by the time I’m in bed its 11pm.. And up at 5 am the next day!!

I was recently introduced to an absolutely amazing entrepreneur who owns a business called – part of her business is making pre-made ready to eat meals that are lean, healthy and YUMMY! So I ordered a months worth and it made my life sooooo easy, no more shopping, no more cooking and with one of those self heating lunch boxes I can warm them up right in my dozer! Carmen Tocheniuk , you have made my life sooo much easier and healthier and I recommend this service to anyone in the same boat as me!! Saves a tone of time, let me catch up on sleep, and kept me eating clean and healthy… That is just ONE of the services this amazing woman offers, so check out her website. As a national level competitor I trust her experience and knowledge 100%!!!

AB Oilfield October 19, 2016

Robin Spence

Carmen has inspired me in every area of my life. She has always encouraged me to be and do the best that I can. Her sincerity and integrity have made her an incredible support, and there is no way that I could put into words how much I have valued our friendship. At the highest points in my life she was my personal cheerleader. At the lowest point she was there too and it meant everything. She motivates by being a shining example; as a trainer and as a human being. Her success and her dedication go hand in hand. Carmen has touched the lives of countless people in ways that they will never forget her

Robin Spence October 19, 2016

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Carmen is one of those rare people

I met Carmen Tocheniuk recently, while working out. I offered her some advice on a particular apparatus she had been working. She laughed and graciously accepted my ham-fisted offering, never for one minute letting on that her encyclopedic volume of knowledge was vastly superior to that of my own.

Subsequent to our initial meeting, I have had the great good fortune to get to know Carmen a little better in her capacity as a member of the Alberta Body Building Association, as a business woman and as a fitness coach and nutritionist. Carmen is extraordinarily focused and extremely good at whatever endeavor she elects to pursue. As a body builder she is truly world class. As a business woman her drive to succeed is equal to or greater than her drive as a body builder. As a coach and nutritionist, her knowledge and the manner in which she imparts it is both motivating and empowering. As a person, Carmen is, in a word, “magic”. Carmen is one of those rare personalities that makes you want to excel not simply by what she says but more importantly by what she does.

With respect to the products that Carmen produces and/or endorses (although I have not tried all of them) they are of the same standard and quality that defines Carmen as a person. Simply put, she would not make or get behind a product that she did not truly believe in and which she did not believe would be 100% beneficial for a friend or client.

In summary, I can say with confidence that Carmen is one of those rare people whose attributes are defined not by the gifts she receives from others but by the gift she gives to all around her. With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I recommend Karmalife and wish Carmen the absolute best of luck (not that she’ll need it … she’s pretty adept at making her own).


Robert E. Smith
Barrister & Solicitor

Momentum Law Group
127 Seneca Road
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4G6

Phone: (780) 467-3342

Robert E. Smith October 19, 2016

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It has been my great pleasure to work with Carmen

It has been my great pleasure to work with Carmen on a variety of projects over the past several years.

Having produced over 300 million servings in my past culinary endeavors, I can speak with some authority on her remarkable accomplishments.

Whether on stage competing, in the test kitchens developing or in the lab researching; there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the future will reveal Carmen as a key player in the health and wellness industry.

Put her to the test I guarantee you’ll agree, that Carmen has the DNA of a champion.

Bryan Yaakov October 19, 2016

Learning about the blueprint of my body

Just over 3 years ago in 2010 Carmen told me about her DNA program. I was excited to learn about the blue print of my body and skip the steps of trial and error with nutrition and exercise for my DNA. I followed her DNA program religiously and did the Mr Olympia for Men’s Physique 5 months later. The results were great and so easy on my body! Just this past year I experimented for 6 months and went off the DNA diet. I felt like I was over training and dieting hard to achieve not even the same results. I’m a firm believer in her DNA program having followed it for about 3 years!

Phil Thorne October 19, 2016

I have known Carmen all my life

I have known Carmen all my life, there’s only a year and a half between us, so I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into the passionate, driven women she is today.

After recovering from a life threatening car accident, she began her fitness journey and hasn’t looked back. Carmen has reach all the goals she has set for herself. She is currently a Canadian National Champion Bodybuilder, owner of Karmaleans -a successful healthy custom food company for people on the go, as well as numerous other business ventures.

I personally put Carm to the test when I told her that I wanted to compete in a fitness show. She immediately put together a training and nutrition plan for me. Her coaching and guidance got me into the best shape of my life.

Carmen has an incredible desire to help people reach their fitness and nutritional goals, I have personally watched her transform many clients over the years. It brings her great satisfaction to help people obtain there ultimate potential!

I definitely can say this “she, eats, sleeps and breaths this!!!”

Carla Tocheniuk October 19, 2016

Hi Carmen & Matt!

When I started working with you, Carmen, in May/2016 I did not want to eat six times a day or look in the mirror.

As a woman with bipolar and bulimia my ever being “healthy” was a wish. A family member introduced me to Carmen and Matt and I have never looked back. Thanks for making me take a “before” picture!

I just took my measurements and I am down 15 inches and 25 pounds while building muscle!!
With Matt always encouraging, making up yummy different shakes and answering any question to Carmen’s health plan for me and workouts I find myself looking for a mirror!

Thank you so very much to you both for giving me, me back. You’re both amazing.

Tammy Rutherford September 15, 2016

You are The Best

Almost two years ago I walked into Carmen’s office scared of the new changes that were going to happen in my life I was at my heaviest weight and not happy. We did a DNA sample and got to work. I look back now and have never regretted that day my body is healthier from the inside out I found things that were inflaming my body and making things worse and found after all this time I was not gluten sensitive that was a big deal. I have fought with docs and did so many weight loss stuff and always failed and gain more than I lost. But this time I didn’t I took a break and maintained that’s a big deal for me. I met Matt in the last few months and explained things to me that I would have never understood how to deal with it. I think Matt like the challenge of my weird body and we are still working on it. These two have saved my life I was heading to a bad place and they have guided me with open arms and gave confidence that I never had before.

Thank you for my better healthy internal body can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to my external body.
You two are the best.

Dorry Mielke September 15, 2016

To KarmaLife (Carmen & Matt)

When I first learned about KL in May from a family member I wasn’t expecting much. All gyms to me have an awful smell.  Couple that with being overweight, I felt silly and fat beside all the lean fit people. I would just go home and eat while lying on the couch.

KarmaLife is different. They have a state of the art gym and your time is yours and yours alone. Carmen teaches you as she trains you. I’ve lost 24 pounds and 12 inches while gaining muscle and eating up to six (yes 6!) times a day. For those days when I want to workout but I’m tired the Dark Horse Lab Black/Orange Powder gives me that little boost to get the best out of my workout. Thank you Carmen and Matt. Being bi-polar I knew I needed to exercise and you have made it easy and stress free for me to accomplish goals I didn’t dare to dream. I am forever indebted to you both for all the knowledge you have given and all the support anyone could ask for.

Yours gratefully,

Tammy Rutherford September 15, 2016


Noami Sachs

Before meeting with Carmen I had a very haphazard approach to nutrition and dieting. Oddly enough, I would say I was limited by over education and a stubborn mindset.  I would spend my energies and income attempting to try every type of diet around: intermittent fasting, bulletproof diet, ayurvedic, macrobiotic, vegan, low carb, juice fasting, contest prep, paleo, 80-10-10,  etc etc. I should also mention that I am an Advanced Holistic Nutrition graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Through all of my trials I never really felt like I was in optimal condition. My progress would often plateau and would lead me to search yet another program that offered the promise of vitality and energy. In between diet systems my weight would fluctuate greatly.  About three months ago , a good friend of mine told me about a new system whereby one can get their DNA sequenced and essentially “biohack” themselves. I was on board right away. This approach seemed to be more logical than the trial and error type agony I had already put myself through. I met with Carmen for the first time shortly after and brought with me a few friends who also expressed interest in this system. Carmen sat us down and thoroughly explained this revolutionary system. As a Bachleor of Sciences graduate from the University of Alberta, this got me really pumped up. This really is the latest in technology!  What I found fascinating was that the results of the test would also would give us an indication of how we recover and what we needed to address to maximize the potential of our physical selves. My friends and I all agreed to give it a go. The results of the test were astounding. It not only confirmed a lot of suspicions I had about my ability to assimilate certain nutrients, but also provided information about my body’s muscle building and recovery process. I have used the information from the results of the test to formulate an “ideal” diet that is specific to my DNA. What I also like is that Carmen will formulate a diet for those who are less well versed with nutrition. All in all, I must say that this system is INSANE. I have seen wonderful changes in my physique and overall health. I am leaner, my skin is clearer, my energy is higher, my thoughts are more vibrant, and my sleep has improved.

Monique September 15, 2016

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Truly Changed My Life

“Having dnaPower analyze my DNA was an eye opening experience. I really appreciated the way they broke down and explained how my body responds to various foods and types of exercise. They did an excellent job of providing me with the tools that I need to get the most out of my workouts, diet, and to feel the best I possibly can.

Carmen was incredibly knowledgeable and personable as she explained my results, and answered any questions that I had. I cannot recommend dnaPower enough as they have truly changed my life.”

Mike Gagnon DNA Power Social Media Manager, The Nation Network, September 15, 2016

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Simply Tremendous

When I was first told about dnaPower it was unlike anything I had heard of before. I had heard ads for testing your geographic/cultural origins through National Geographic, but this was something completely different. Mostly I was surprised to learn how much ‘nature’ is involved in how we respond to food and exercise, and was interested to learn how we can use DNA testing to tweak our ‘nurture’ for optimal results and healthier living.

The testing process itself was a bit intimidating, not because it was difficult (it literally took ten seconds), but because we were tested as a group, and in a work environment, so there was a concern about feeling pressured to share my results with the team, even if they weren’t particularly positive. As a bit of a procrastinator in life, there was also some trepidation about getting results that would require me to greatly alter my lifestyle and finally nip all my bad habits in the bud. As everybody got their reports, however, it became clear that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and it was entertaining to find that people took particular ownership of their weaknesses using humour. It was also reassuring to see that the results in the report were not dogmatic or judgemental, but rather provided helpful suggestions for how to optimize my lifestyle according to my own unique genetic makeup.

All in all I found this process quite fascinating. Carmen was incredibly knowledgeable, poised and professional. She articulately addressed all of our questions, including my own about the greater moral implications of genetic testing, with tact and consideration. If there is any area where I think there could be improvement, it would be to watch the tone of the language that is used during debriefing. I did hear the term ‘bad results’ or ‘bad/unhealthy’ lifestyle at times, which I think might squeeze what is ‘healthy’ into a binary that it doesn’t necessarily need to belong in, or lead people to see ‘unhealthy’ as a blanket term for themselves, when they may in fact make plenty of healthy lifestyle choices as well as a few less optimal ones. Also, the term ‘mutation’ has a bit of a negative connotation, which might be worth looking at (unless, of course, we are talking about x-men, in which case it’s awesome). Perhaps a good way to spin the term would be to point out that mutations are the source of all diversity in life, so they are actually totally natural and are neither good nor bad…

Thank you again for the incredible opportunity. I would certainly recommend this to my friends and family. I think that the value of possessing this kind of information about one’s self is simply tremendous, and will continue to pay off for a lifetime!


JoAnne DNA Power September 15, 2016

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It is a Great Resource of Information

Testing DNA is something I never really considered getting involved with in my every day life, mostly because I never really knew it existed. I am always looking for ways to stay healthier, as I value healthy living enormously in my every-day life. DNA testing is another great way to get involved.

Most of the results I received I was already expecting, but there were a few areas which surprised me, including protein and fat absorption. Even though I may not be feeling the affects of my mutated protein absorption genes, I can now use this information for the future. If my health ever begins to decrease in quality, I will now have some background information of potential reasons why I am feeling the way I am.

I think it is a great resource of information to have in my back pocket for my future!

Chris Gordeyko Marketing and Social Media, The Nation Network, DNA September 15, 2016

You are both amazing!!

When I met Carmen Tocheniuk I was a very unhealthy person, over weight not eating nor doing any exercising of any sort… I reached out to Carmen and asked for help… She was right there beside me pushing me forward, on having a healthy lifestyle… Carmen and Matt have helped me with so much, with dieting, coaching and just living a healthy life! I am so happy to have you guys in my life! Thank you for all you do for me!!! You are both amazing!!

Jennifer Neufeld September 15, 2016

I Love It

I am so pleased to know Carmen Tocheniuk both on a professional level and as a friend.

She is loyal, professional and very knowledgeable in what she does. I am grateful to have her as a fitness coach.

Thank you Carmen for all your time you put into my workout plans and for kicking my “butt” when we workout. I LOVE IT!

She is a true inspiration and role model to me and to others. THANK YOU for being you 🙂

Shelley Leblanc-Cormier September 15, 2016

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My New Secret Weapon

I am extremely grateful for my girlfriend Jennifer for introducing me to Carmen… new secret weapon that I’m willing to share.

Karmalife has offered me the solution I was searching for! Besides having the privilege to train along side such a beautiful, successful woman, Carmen has become more than that to me. Her dedication, vast knowledge, past experiences, patience and positive encouragement are priceless.

Karmalife’s Food program is the healthy alternative I was searching for. It’s specific to my body’s needs and is effortless way for me to stay on track to reach my health goals with my hectic schedule. It takes away the time shopping, prepping, cooking, portioning etc….

Karmalife also answered many of my health questions my own Doctors failed to tell me through regular bloodwork. Carmen’s suggestion for  the DNA testing was the best thing I could do for myself. I was extremely impressed with the length of detail the DNA test offered me.

It’s an essential learning tool for a Long,Healthy, Strong Life!!

Thank you Again,

With Warmth & Sincerity,

Tenille Kowalchuk

Tenille Kowalchuk September 15, 2016